Independence Day

I woke up this morning thinking about freedom and was reminded of these words I wrote a few weeks ago. Today, I hope that we can all celebrate our independence from something.

The Tree Must Stand Tall

I wrote this post nearly one year ago on a day when memories from my past came, seemingly, out of nowhere and left me shaking and feeling helpless. While I’m not a fan of these emotional onslaughts they have taught …

A Day for All Kinds of Hearts

Valentine’s Day is celebrated with candy hearts and cards, but there are a group of families in Parkland, Florida that will forever remember it as the day that their loved ones, 14 of them students, died. I couldn’t help but …

To Pa

Every Sunday morning I carve out a bit of quiet time for myself while my family sleeps. This week, my grandfather’s sweet spirit settled around me and left me with words. He always leaves me with words, which is funny, because he was a man of so few.