Why Sassy Nik?

I have always loved to write but several years ago I found that my words had left me. One day I stumbled upon the Outlander series on Starz. After watching the first two seasons of the show and reading the first three books in the series I found that my words had returned. Outlander might be my muse!

In Outlander, the main character, Claire, is referred to as a Sassenach because she is an outsider visiting the Highlands of Scotland in the 1740's and 1940's. Yes, you read that correctly and you'll just have to watch and/or read the books (written by Diana Gabaldon) if you want to know how that's possible.

Sassy Nik is a nod to the therapeutic properties of Outlander and my preferred name, Nikki.

Are you really sassy?

Yes, I've always been sassy. This trait has also been described as smart aleck, smart ass, and piss and vinegar.