A Good Friday Contemplation on Life Through Death

It’s Good Friday. The day that Jesus was tried, convicted, beaten, and nailed to a cross to die sounds anything but good. I guess perspective is important.

For believers, it is the day that began a series of events that led to Christ’s resurrection and the creation of a pathway to eternal life.

The message of the church has always been “eternal life” which is great for marketing but a little dark when we ponder the logistics.

With the focus on eternal life it is easy to forget that the pathway to that life is through death. You cannot beat something without first experiencing it.

Perhaps then, this Good Friday, with all its death across all the world will serve as a reminder that we will not overcome the death, the dying, the sick, the scared, until we have experienced its full terror. Friends, I feel like I’ve met my quota of terror and then some.

My prayer is that today’s darkness will begin a chain of events that leads us to a new, albeit different, life on the other side of this virus. And maybe there’ll be a little more light too.

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  1. Andrew Dodd says:

    I am not a religious man but that was beautiful.

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